About us - Pro-Dynamic Kinesiology Tape

Bjørn van Rees (Physiotherapist since 1999, Specialist Medical Taping)duo foto

Works daily excited, after attending a Medical Taping course (2005), with kinesiology tape in his physiotherapy practice.
Started in 2012, Pro-Dynamic B.V. with the idea to deliver  a new high quality kinesiology tape with a very competitive price to colleaque physiotherapists, sports therapists and doctors.

He visits physiotherapists, sports clubs and other professionals to share his product knowledge with them. Monitors the quality of the products.

Monique Cobussen (Sales)

Is the basis of Pro-Dynamic B.V.. She claims administration and controls the logistics within the company. Has relationship management and development of new products in her portfolio.
She is also works part time as a secretary in a mental health institution.

Bjørn and Monique are within Pro Dynamic B.V. for quality, reliability and customer focus.

Their motto is:

Do you have complaints? Tell us!

Are you satisfied? Tell others!

Meanwhile, we can proudly say that Pro-Dynamic ® kinesiology tape is used by many physiotherapists, sportsmasseur therapists and other professionals with great pleasure and success.

Company Information

Pro-Dynamic B.V.
De Moorstraat 16
6826 NV Arnhem, The Netherlands
Website: www.prodynamictape.com

Kvk nr 55327559
BTW No. NL851657060B01
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t.n.v. Pro-Dynamic B.V.